District One Lahore

District One Lahore:

District One stands as an ideal housing society, boasting a harmonious fusion of contemporary amenities and opulent luxuries that redefine the essence of modern living. District One lahore is an exquisitely planned gated community that embraces modern infrastructure and fosters a harmonious community lifestyle, while ensuring an abundance of comforts for its residents. Bay Jhijhak Investment is at the heart of our mission, ensuring accessibility for all. At District One, SB Real Estate guarantees a seamless blend of comfort and convenience, delivering an unparalleled living experience.


District One Lahore is located in the heart of Lahore, connected by Ring Road and Raiwind Road with quick access to the following:

  • 02 minutes away from Sharif Medical City
  • 05 minutes away from Raiwind Road
  • 05 minutes drive from the Ring Road’s Adda Plot Interchange.

Human nature is unpredictable. However, the necessities of life and a good living style are all human beings’ basic rights. Everyone requires their own home, availing the needs of life and enjoying peace of mind. District one Lahore  is a project for people who are in search of maintaining a peaceful, luxurious, and affordable live styles. They do not limit this housing project to the surroundings of Lahore only. A great, spacious, and multi-dimensional housing scheme covers all major cities of Pakistan. District one is a mega project of 101 Groups that serve the nation in Islamabad, Lahore, Sheikhupura, Sargodha, and Gwadar. Under the umbrella of District one, a residential housing societies project that takes care of the basic needs of each loyal customer. The project location is far away from the overpopulated areas to avoid crowd and noise pollution. Carpeted roads, well-furnished homes, parks, mosques, and schools for children are part of this mega project


The developers of District one projects positively utilize their real estate expertise. They aim to achieve their targets within the decided time frame. This edge will further lead them towards success and achieving their goals in a comfort zone. The attractive location of District one is not beyond its customer range. District one project is situated next to Fazaia housing society phase 2. It is easy to access from different regions of Lahore city and has an excellent opportunity for buyers, sellers, investors, and real estate agencies. Even investors have a golden opportunity to save their amounts in such a fluctuating economic scenario. District one facilitates its customers with different housing plots scattered at 5 Merla’s and 7 Merla’s. And 10 Merla’s. This facility is only for residential-based investment. If someone is interested in buying land for commercial use, he can opt for 4 Merla’s and 5 Merla’s land for financial growth.

The highly professional team and skilled people will guide their loyal customers on the spot. Our team members also guide interested people in buying a suitable location after knowing the basic requirements. A good decision, an excellent residential area, and peace of mind must be made right before the time runs away. So, there is no need to waste time, energy, and money in searching for luxurious apartments. Visit Sb real estate once and fulfill your dreams in one go. The easy payment plans are another plus point for the customers interested in this project.

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